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Garuda Paint (HTML / Website Builder) - 2021 Empty Garuda Paint (HTML / Website Builder) - 2021

Thu Apr 01, 2021 8:07 pm
All about Garuda Paint.

Garuda or referred as Garula, are golden-winged birds in Buddhist texts. It will be designed as a Template Generator, as part of User Subscription to the Website. It boasts to be an HTML Painter / Editor which allows you to customize / or add HTML5 (CSS Supported) Elements into the Editor and can be exported via Client-end. It is an Editor which supports essential HTML/HTML5 Elements like Button, Input[type="text"] and Label as of the Moment, But will add more Features as the Editor progresses. Or evolves.


  • Added Import to Editor
  • Added Move Elements Button
  • Added Essential Elements
  • Added Export as HTML Button
  • Added Preview Button.
  • SVG Icons / Tooltip Panel (soon)
  • Include Library Button / Toggle (soon)
  • Add Framework Classes Toggle (soon)
  • Swap Elements Toggle / Switch (soon)
  • Move Elements Toggle / Switch (soon)
  • Reset Paint Button (soon)

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